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What is the Lowest Possible High Score in New Super Luigi U? (Normal Levels)

  November 04, 2018

What is the lowest amount of score points, required for a playthrough of New Super Luigi U? As it turns out, this question is hard to answer. There are so many different things that grant evil points in Super Mario games, that routing a Mario game with the lowest score possible is a huge challenge. Every enemy we defeat grants points, every coin we collect is forbidden, every second left on the end of a super mario level scores points, and ever power up that lives in New Super Luigi U hands out points as well. In short there is so much to keep in mind, that we will do this in two videos. Today we will take a look at the routing of the game, and at all the problems that await us in the normal levels, on our journey to beat New Super Luigi U with the lowest score possible!

--------------------Credits for the Music--------------------------
HolFix - Beyond The Kingdom

------Kevin MacLeod
"Adventure Meme", “Amazing Plan”, “The Builder”, “Intended Force”, “March of the Spoons”
Kevin MacLeod
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0